BG Smit Profile – Drifting

NAME: BG SURNAME: Smit NICKNAME: Barney Goes Slideways  1797434_10201241005539608_852967525_n

BIRTHPLACE: Rustenburg

CHARIOT: Toyota Supra MK4

SPONSOR: SA Argus Lazer Machines / Frix / Mr Diagnostics


ACHIEVEMENTS: Few podiums last year

LIKES: Any Motorsport mostly Drifting

DISLIKES: Unfairness



What was done to the cylinder head? Stock
What valves are used & how many? 24 x Stock
What conrods are used? Stock
What pistons are used? Stock
What cams are used? Stock
What is the compression ratio? 10
What supercharger / turbo is used? GT35
What kind of charge cooling is used? Intercooler
What wastegate is used? Turbosmart
What dumpvalve is used? Turbo Toys 50mm
What boost is the car using? 1.3 bar
What fuels are used? 50/50 Mix Ethanol
What fuel management system is used? Dicktator
What size injectors and how many? 6x 1000cc
What size nitrous is using? None
At what RPM is the peak power output? 5800RPM
What is power output in KW? 396KW
What is torque reading in NM? 700NM
Manifold Tubular
Exhaust 76mm
Induction 76mm BMC Cone filter, Greddy manifold




What gearbox is being used? D4d
What mods have been made to it? None
What clutch is used? 4puk Copper Button
What diff is used with what ratio? Stock 4:1
What sideshafts are used? Stock


Have you ever won any competitions? one Last year


What make and size wheels? 17” Mixed
What make and size tyres? 225/45/17 Kenda
What suspension is used? Stock Arms
What shocks are used? BC coilovers
What braking system is used? Stock


What bodykit is fitted? Blitz
What does the kit consist of? Front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, spats
Where was it made / fitted?
Why did you choose this kit? Its Unique
What is the colour called? Barney Purple
Any other things of interest? Veilside Wing


Who made/fitted the rollcage? Bought it with cage in
What steering wheel? Momo
What pedals? Stock
What shifter/gearknob is used? D4d Bakkie Knob
What seats are used? Stock Passanger, Cobra Manaco Driver
What gauges are fitted? Depo
Any other modifications? Stripped to the bone