Jacques Grobler Profile – Oval Track Racing

NAME: Jacques SURNAME: GroblerĀ facebook-20140914-160503


SPONSORS: Mechanical Masters / Mad House Racing.



What was done to the cylinder head? Std golf 1600 head
What valves are used & how many? Std valves 8
What conrods are used? Std vw
What pistons are used? Std vw
What cams are used? Std vw b cam
What is the compression ratio? 10.1
What supercharger / turbo is used? None
What kind of charge cooling is used? None
What wastegate is used? None
What dumpvalve is used? None
What boost is the car using? None
What fuels are used? 95 pump feul
What fuel management system is used? None
What size injectors and how many? None
What size nitrous is using? None
At what RPM is the peak power output? 6200
What is power output in KW? Never had the car on a dyno
What is torque reading in NM? Never had the car on a dyno
Manifold Std vw 1600
Exhaust Viper braches
Anything else of interest? If the rules say you cant do it i dont do it




What gearbox is being used? Vw 4 speed
What mods have been made to it? Nothing
What clutch is used? Vw clutch
What diff is used with what ratio?
What sideshafts are used? Std vw


What are your best speeds? Dont have a speedo
What are your best times? 17.65
Have you ever won any competitions? Won nationals 2014 at richardsbay


What make and size wheels? 5j bbs
What make and size tyres? Fireforce 195/50/15
What suspension is used? Vw
What shocks are used? Gabriel
What braking system is used? Std old school vw brakes


What bodykit is fitted? No body kit


Who made/fitted the rollcage? Build it myself
What steering wheel? OMP clip off
What pedals? Std pedals
What shifter/gearknob is used?
What seats are used? Kirkney
What gauges are fitted? Water temp. Oil presure and ref counter


ACHIEVEMENTS: Finished 3rd in the Nationals 2013 club championships 2014 and won Nationals 2014

LIKES: Good looking cars and legal cars.

DISLIKES: Officials that think they own you. People driving illegal cars, if you can’t win with a STD car and you need to modify it then stay at home!

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