Andrew Sueltz Profile – Drag Racing




About my Chariot:

Chariot: Opel Corsa Utility Power Plant: 2L 16V Turbo


What was done to the cylinder head? flowed
What valves are used & how many? manly 16
What conrods are used? Scat
What pistons are used? Ross
What cams are used? Billet
What is the compression ratio? 8.1
What supercharger / turbo is used? Garret GT35
What kind of charge cooling is used?
What wastegate is used? Sump
What dumpvalve is used? Sump
What boost is the car using? 0.8
What fuels are used? 95
What fuel management system is used? Dicktator
What size injectors and how many? 700cc x 4
What size nitrous is using? none
At what RPM is the peak power output? 4800
What is power output in KW? 235
What is torque reading in NM? 406
Manifold stock
Exhaust 76mm Techmech Build



What gearbox is being used? f23 Diesel
What mods have been made to it? none
What clutch is used? 6 Button Copper
What diff is used with what ratio? STD
What sideshafts are used? Corsa 18 GSI


What are your best speeds? Top Speed 265, 800m 203km
What are your best times? 14.0 With wheel Spin
Have you ever won any competitions? Yes 4 Years 4bf Champion Nitro raceway

Wheels & Suspension:

What make and size tyres? FireStone 235/40/17 rear Bidstone 205/40/17 front
What suspension is used? Stock
What shocks are used? Stock
What braking system is used? Stock
Any other things of interest? Stock


What bodykit is fitted? none

Interior:  10371517_704633722930630_9101388838798088679_n

What steering wheel? Stock
What pedals? Stock
What shifter/gearknob is used? Stock
What seats are used? Stock
What gauges are fitted? Stock & Boost
Any other modifications? Electronic Boost Controller

I.C.E. ( In Car Entertainment)

What headunit are you using? Pioneer
What amplifiers are you using? Audiodeck
What split system are you using? Pioneer
What subs are you using? none
Who did the install? Myself
Why did you choose this system? Brand

History Of The Vehicle:

Bought vehicle new, 2010 turbo charged 1400 engine, took car part in Regional and Club Champion ship
won Club Chamionship and 2nd Resionals
2011 Upgrade turbo and 1.3 bar boost, won Club championship
2012 changed engine and fitted 2l 16v engine with t28 turbo, won club championship
2013 urgraded turbo t3/t4 turbo and won club championship
2014 upgrade turbo to gt35 won championship
2015 replace engine required



Racing for 6 years. Club champion 4 years in a row at Nitro Raceway, won 2 RegionalsSponsors: My own Pocket.

Likes: Anything to do with racing.

Dislikes: Boring sports.

See you track side!