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 This beautiful young blue eyed 9 year old is very ambitious, gutsy and motivated little lady.

The circuit did not disappoint and a full complement of oval drifting and drag racers went all out to entertain in the season’s opening event, the Rockmania Showdown.

Kicking off the evening was Kids in Racing SA, with the Ninja Class, as boys and girls aged between three and 12 years took to the circuit in their 60cc powered karts.

It was Boksburg’s eight-year-old at the time Megan “Rowdy Megz” Kotze who stole the show, as she pulled a three-heat victory over her competitors.

The Kyle Busch supporter says her dream is to one day meet the Nascar driver and race in a Nascar.

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Young Megan gave up her modelling for racing. According to her folks if you walk into her room you will not find a room filled with Barbie dolls but a room full of Kyle Busch posters and memorabilia Young Megan’s idol in racing has inspired her to follow his footsteps.

According to a statement from The Rock, the Raceway has managed to build a large following of spectators and close friends who support Kotze.

When asked for comment, Kotze thanked her parents and fans for all their love and support.

Megan’s latest achievement was when she  took 3rd placein the finls in PTA after coming back from a big accident earlier in the evening 1 Feb 2015

Racing fans can catch Rowdy Megz in action again, at The Rock Raceway, on 14 February 2015