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It hasn’t been an easy road for Tim Stephens, as he pulls another ace out from under his sleeve. The humble circuit owner has dedicated his life to build a motor sport complex that would probably be the best that any South African has ever seen.

Not only has Tim given the community a venue that hosts all forms of Motorsport on one property but he has also given the competitors freedom of choice when he introduced WOMZA (World of Motorsport ZA). WOMZA has strict rules and safety features in place that allows competitors to exercise their favourite motorsport category with a sound structure in place.

Many people have come and gone with all good ideas and promises, yet no financial backing to support or uphold their pipe dreams. Tim has managed to build what started out as a vision, and made it a reality under his own steam.

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Di”Rock”tions to the track: N12 head towards Witbank, take the Snake Rd off ramp, turn right, 5th robot turn left into Main Reef Rd, travel straight, keep right over next robot +-3Km, under railway bridge, exit from under rail way bridge turn left into Rock Raceway.

Contact : Office No TEL: O11 740 8315 / 740 1206 / Abie Sada 082 453 8271 email: info@rockracing.co.za / www.rockracing.co.za 

Tim started out by revamping the Oval and the facilities around the property. Tim built his house and offices for WOMZA (World Of Motorsport ZA.) Construction also began for the RC Remote control circuit, Free Style Park and Motor Cross circuits. Then in 2005 Tim decided to re tar the oval and Rock Raceway was born.

To date Rock Raceway has grown and still is growing as Tim finds ways to improve the circuit and property for all to enjoy.

Tim has a unique way of hosting events and it is totally different to that of any other circuit owner’s way of doing it in South Africa. Tim always ensures that the spectator is welcomed personally and made to feel that they are at home to the night’s proceedings.

Tim was the first person who stuck his hand up and ensured the sport of Drifting would be catered for in Africa and he built the first purposeful circuit for Drifting in Africa to accommodate the sideways sport with the assistance of WOMZA’, A unique form of drag racing has been introduced to Rock Raceway and South Africa. The 1/8th mile drag strip runs out of the oval. The circuit has no timing devices, just pucker old fashioned heads up racing, for the petrol heads who enjoy racing their daily drive down the strip.

The dynamic circuit also boasts with various options as karting, Pocket Bikes, Circuit racing for Formula N and Legend Racing cars, Drifting, Street Drags and Hotrods. The venue also lends it’s self to sound off & show & shine dhows, outdoor exhibits and cars shows. Corporate days are also on the cards for companies wanting to do team building and socialising.

Rolling up his sleeves Tim is not scared to jump in and do the work, a master of many trades and a talented racing driver too, Tim finds ways to make improvements to the venue for the benefit of others to enjoy, he will always put others first before himself.

Tim is very passionate when it comes to his members, supporters, sponsors and followers. Like a ritual Tim will log onto his Face book site to wish every person who has a birthday on the day, answer any questions or just to have a chat to whoever contacts him. Tim makes a point to spend time with his fans.

Promoters can take a page out from Tim’s book when it comes to spending time with the people who support his venue. With a smile even through tough times Tim keeps his head held high and if you down he will find a way to put a smile on your face. Spend a day with Tim and he will have you in stitches with laughter, put a microphone in Tim’s hand and he’s got the crowds hanging on every word from his lips, a pro on a microphone, a friend and a loyal and honest true gentleman. Mr Rock – you Rock no wonder the fans are mad about you.

So come and join us at the next event and become part of the Rock family


The Rock Raceway – Where the action is & Champs are born!

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